Want to make your ride not only look cooler but feel cooler too? Introducing our hood vents, crafted for those who demand both style and function. Initiated from a 3D scan of the E36’s hood, our V1 hood vents are universal by design. Whether you’re putting them on an E30, E46 or any other model – the fit is on point, thanks to the shared hood curves across various chassis.

Made from fiber-infused ASA material, these vents are not just about upping your car’s street cred. They’re essential, especially if you’re running a turbo setup. By allowing heat to escape efficiently, they ensure your ride stays chill, even during those full-send sessions.

Worried about installation? We’ve got you covered. These hood vents come with a precise template, making your cutout process a breeze. Just as you like it, quick and straightforward. Apply some silicone or window glue, and you’re set. It’s a snug fit that looks stock but screams performance.

Withstands temperatures up to 110°C / 230°F (and even beyond). UV and moisture resistant.
Length 41cm / 16″ Width 17.5cm / 7″

Rock the raw finish straight out of the box – crafted with our industrial 3D printers for that top-notch finish. Alternatively, opt for a sanded/primed variant, or go all out with our painted and clear-coated option (add the color code in notes at the checkout).

Give your ride the breath it needs and the look it deserves.

We ship worldwide with FedEx and DHL.
Custom CLIQ decals included with every order.