About the Products

At CLIQTUNING, we've got the freshest composite body kits handcrafted by our seasoned pros. Using nothing but the crème de la crème of materials, we've got your BMW covered from aero kits, overfenders, to wings, sunroof deletes, and sleek doors. Ready to own the streets, dominate the tracks, and snap those necks? We're with you. And hey, don't miss out on our killer short shifters, strut bars, and dope interior upgrades. Plus, we're not stopping there. We're gradually introducing products from different brands too, ensuring you get the ultimate one-stop shop experience for all your ride needs.
Ever wonder what makes our products so sick? We're talking top-tier GRP, and we don’t just settle. For each whip-enhancing piece, we pick the cream of the crop GRP variant – like our overfenders which are crafted with the unbeatable SATIN GRP VERSION. So durable, you could flex on 'em under the blazing sun. And if you're looking for that extra flair? Check out our HYBRID GRP, boosted with an inner layer of carbon kevlar. But that's not all. Dive into our collection and you'll find carbon-infused plastics, luxurious alcantara, eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather, and rugged steel and aluminum products. Only the best for your ride.
Nah, we don't do one-size-fits-all here. About 90% of our products are dialed in for specific chassis, ensuring your ride gets that perfect CLIQ fit. Curious if it's for your whip? Just peep the product title or description – that’s where the details drop. Oh, and for those looking for a broader touch? We've got a select stash that's universal, fitting just about any ride you're rolling with.
Nah, our fiberglass pieces don’t roll out pre-painted – gives you the freedom to get wild with colors. Want yours painted before it reaches you? Just shout out in the order notes, and we'll work that magic. For the non-fiberglass fam? Those come dressed to impress right out the gate.
If you're thinking of giving a wall some full-send love, ain’t no bodykit gonna have your back. But on the real? When it comes to durability, our fiberglass pieces are flexing hard – outclassing the market, especially for the bills you're dropping. We're talking double the lifespan of the average Joe out there.
Word on the streets (and tracks) is that our fiberglass game and fitment are straight fire. Our clients don't lie. Enough said.

Order, Shipping, and Delivery

Start by choosing your chassis, then dive into our CLIQ goodies. Find what's calling you, toss it in the cart, punch in those shipping deets, and slam that green button. It's a wrap. Your whip's about to get a major glow-up! More of an email kinda person? No sweat – hit us up that way too. And if you've got those pre-sales questions, just shoot a ticket on our 'Contact Us' page. We got you every step of the way!
We're all about that flexibility. Whether it's credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay – we got it. Wanna stretch those payments? Worldwide, there's the PayPal 'Pay Later' and for our Euro fam? Check Klarna.
From Cali to Sydney, we got you. There ain't a spot on this globe we won't reach. No location's too wild for CLIQ!
Got that need for speed? Check the product page for stock status – if we're loaded, it's out next business day. If we're out, you'll find a precise lead time right there on the product page. If there's no ETA, give us 5 business days to ship out. Once shipped - FedEx? Think 4-5 days worldwide, and your order is in your hands. EMS? That's your local post, think USPS, Canada Post, Australian Post, Parcelforce - delivery times can vary, but expect it within 1-4 weeks worldwide. If you're in Europe, DPD's got your back in about a week
Wanna peep your package's journey? Hit up 'Track Order' or dive into your account. We keep it fresh with the latest updates. Plus, the moment your order is on the move, you'll receive an email from us with the tracking number and a link to continue tracking the package on the carrier's website. One click is all you need - check your e-mail.
Shipping's a mixed bag. Usually, you're looking at $20 to $300. But if you're snagging a full-blown, one piece kit and want it in some exotic locale? It might hit you for $2000.
Feelin' impatient? We get it. Drop a note during checkout about that speedy delivery craving. It's possible with FedEx, and the costs usually run about 1.5 times the current shipping rates. Worldwide, we're talking 2-3 days, and if you're in Europe, we're at your door the next day.
We rock with FedEx Express, EMS, and DPD right from our site. More of a DHL or UPS kind of person? We got those connections too.
Missed the drop? No sweat. With FedEx and DPD, set your own schedule. EMS? Give your local post a ring or swing by.
Quick on the draw? If it ain't shipped, we switch it up no problem. If it's already rollin'? We'll holler at the courier for you. But, real talk: always double-check before that final click.
Look, we wrap like pros – got mad props for it. But some courier folks might've missed their morning coffee. If your kit's got a ding or two? Snap some pics and shoot us an email. We got your back

Payments and Pricing

We've got you covered on the currency front. While we're open to all kinds of currencies, our web store primarily supports USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, NZD, and GBP. The magic happens automatically based on your IP address. But hey, if you're feeling like switching things up, you can easily change the currency at the cart and checkout pages using our nifty currency switcher. And just in case your preferred currency isn't on our list, no worries. Just shoot us an email, and we'll create a custom order tailored to your currency preference.
Absolutely. We're all about making things easy. You can choose from PayPal Pay Later and Klarna. Please note that Klarna financing is exclusively available to our European customers, while PayPal financing is open to customers worldwide.
You bet! All the prices you see are tax-inclusive. And the best part? There are no additional costs for customers in the USA and Europe – no import fees, no extra taxes. For those outside the USA and Europe, there might be some import/custom duties, but don't stress – we might just work a little magic with the package value to ease things for you.
Absolutely, without a doubt! We use the safest payment platforms out there – PayPal and Stripe.com – for all transactions. Your payment info is in safe hands. Just so you know, we don't collect or store your payment information. We only gather what we need to slap that shipping label on your package and send the goods your way!

Returns and Refunds

Hey, sometimes things don't roll the way you want. If you're thinking of a return, you've got 14 days from the delivery date to hit us up. Keep in mind, we don't cover those original shipping costs and return shipping's on you, same goes for any customs or import duty fees. That gear you're sending back? It's gotta be pristine, like it never even saw your ride. If you've popped the packaging, make sure you repack it just like we did, safety features and all. We’ll handle that refund once we've given the product a once-over and confirmed it's as fresh as when we sent it out.
Ready to roll with a return? Just click here and it'll zap you straight to our contact page. Fill that form out and boom, you've got a ticket in our support system.
Once we get the goods back and they pass our inspection, we’ll kick off the refund. If you flexed with a credit or debit card, give it up to a week to see the funds. Digital wallets like PayPal? That's gonna hit you up instantly.
We're all about intentional shopping here. If you snagged the wrong gear, it really depends on how far along we are in the creation and shipment process. The quicker you spot that slip, the better the chances you dodge any extra fees. So, always double-tap on those orders before you bounce.

Product Stock

Out of stock? No sweat, we've got a plan. If it's a product we manufacture, your order will jump into our manufacturing queue and be processed pronto. If it's one of our body parts, it might take up to 10 days for us to craft, package, and ship it your way. Interior products? Same deal. Now, for non-manufactured items like for example headlights or coilovers – they're chillin' in our local partner warehouse and will be out the door within 5 business days. Check out each product page for stock status, just above that 'Add to Cart' button. It's pretty darn accurate, around 95%. It'll let you know if it's ready to ship the next business day, on backorder with a manufacturing time of up to 10 days, or stored locally and shipped within 5 business days.
We're all about keeping you in the loop. Any product you've got your eyes on, worst-case scenario, will be back in stock within 2-3 weeks. Take our Cliqtuning creations – if they're on backorder, they're usually shipped within a week. Black Friday might be the exception, adding a 2-3 week delay as we juggle a massive order influx. For products not made by us, they're usually sitting pretty in our local partner warehouses, and even if a delay sneaks in, they'll be en route within 2 weeks tops. Feel free to contact us.
Absolutely! And actually, we're all about pre-orders. Opting for one not only scores you some sweet gear, but it also helps us gather feedback, snag customer pics with the new stuff, and fine-tune our products. We roll out pre-orders when a new product is at its final stages – typically when it's already rocking that CAD design, a 3D print, or some other physical form. It might be deep into the molding process or just undergoing last-minute tweaks. Keep an eye on our Instagram and the main page here for upcoming pre-orders.

General Queries

Got a burning question or just wanna chat about kits? Best move is to click here and hit up our 'contact page' form. This way, you've got a ticket in our support system, and from there it's a simple email back-and-forth. If you prefer real-time communication, you can also chat with us through our website's chat function. If things are really urgent, ring us at our USA toll-free number: +1(888)248-4408. You could also slide into our Instagram DMs, but it's like shouting in a busy club — not the best for proper support.
Oh, for sure! We're totally revved up when it comes to sponsorships and partnerships. Right now, our sponsorship roster's full, but just a heads-up: most of the time, we're talking partial sponsorships. Want a piece of that action? It's all about relationship-building. You've gotta rep our gear, ideally for a season, and we need to vibe. Once that bond's solid, we’ll hook you up with some sweet discounts for your current or next build - consider yourself one of the team. Got that Insta fame? If you're new to us but are killing it online, we might just make an exception. Event organizers, we're all ears. If you bring something cool to the table, let's chat.
Who doesn't love a good deal? We occasionally roll out a 5% discount based on the season or our order volume. Keep those eyes peeled!
Wanna be in the know? Best way is to hop onto our email list. We'll send you a monthly round-up – all about fresh products, juicy pre-orders, exclusive discounts, and insider chats with our drivers. And for the daily scoop, follow the vibe on our Insta @cliqtuning.
For most places, if you're not needing TUV (shoutout to our friends in Germany), you're golden. Our fam usually cruises by without a hitch. If you do need that TUV seal, we can provide our material certificates, and smaller gear like our wings should clear the bar without fuss.


Don't stress, we've got your back. Whether you're hitting bumps with placing an order or cruising through smooth, our support crew is ready to steer you right. Shoot us a message through our contact form - it creates a direct ticket in our system. You can also hit us up on the live chat here on the website. Oh, and while Insta is cool, it's not exactly our pit stop for support.

Payment roadblock? No worries, let's troubleshoot that ride. First things first, check if your card or wallet's got the funds to fuel the transaction. If the tank's full but the engine is not revving, give your bank a quick ring to see if there's any roadblock on their end. And here's a pro tip: does your shipping details match your credit card billing details? If not, hit the checkmark that lets you enter billing details separately so they match the credit card. And if you're still in a jam, ping us, and we'll be your pit crew, getting you back on the payment highway.
Well, that's like getting the wrong gear in a drift tandem – totally unacceptable. If the universe decided to play a prank on you and delivered the wrong package, don't sweat it. Snap some pics of the unexpected pit stop and shoot us an email. We'll sort it out quicker than a tire change during a pit stop.
Guess what? Our doors are open for some automotive aficionados who want to ride with us. If you've got that 3D flair, whether it's CAD or Blender, or if you're the wizard behind discord servers, we're on the lookout. Let's team up and put the pedal to the metal!

Privacy and Security

We've got your back when it comes to data protection. Our servers are hosted on a top-notch platform, and we utilize the best SSL certificates to ensure your info's encrypted at a rock-solid 256 bits. Our server has layers of additional security systems in place, and we work exclusively with the best in the business – PayPal and Stripe.com – for payment processing. Your personal info is as safe as can be.

We're pretty tight-lipped when it comes to your info. Yes, your payment info has to be shared with our payment processors – PayPal and Stripe.com – to make the magic happen. We also work with Klaviyo for email campaigns and use META (Facebook/Instagram) and Google for analytics purposes. But hey, we're GDPR compliant, and you can always reach out if you want to withdraw your info from our systems.
Locking down secure online transactions is our bread and butter. We exclusively partner with PayPal and Stripe.com – they're the big guns in payment processing. Your financial data is in good hands, backed by their industry-leading security measures.

Customer Account

Super simple – hit up this link, and it'll take you straight to the 'my account' page. A basic registration form is all you need.
Plenty of perks, my friend. You'll be able to track your order's journey at turbo speed. Plus, when it's time for your next purchase, all your info will be pre-loaded, saving you the hassle. Oh, and hold onto your seat – registered clients get treated to some extra-special offers.
No worries, we got you. Click that 'reset password' button, and just follow the simple instructions that pop up.
Updating your deets is a piece of cake – so much that we're thinking of leaving this question out. Use that sharp intuition of yours – it'll guide you to where you need to go.

Installation and Maintenance

We're all about that hands-on approach. If you're feeling baller, we can jet-set over to you and get that kit installed, but be ready to cover the travel tab plus at least 3 business days. If jetlag's in play? Tack on another 2 days. Now, if you're rolling through #rigababy, drop your whip off with us, and we'll take care of all the wrench work for you.
Yo, straight up? We'd say hand that ride over to a legit body shop. Our kits? They're the creme de la creme. They deserve that full VIP treatment – from prep to that final glossy finish. That said, if you're one of those mad talented folks, YouTube-educated or you roll with a crew who knows their stuff, then yeah, jump in. There’s nothing like that pride when you've built your whip with your own two hands. With the right vibes and a little grind, you got this!
Depends on the flex you're going for. Always kick it off with gloves and goggles – safety first fam. Other gear might include a tool case, cordless beast (aka drill), riveter, rivnut gun, grinder, welder, heat gun, and sanders. On the material side? Get your hands on sanding sheets, water sandpaper, spray filler, silicone buster, rivets, nuts and bolts, washers, glass adhesive, tape, and markers. And don’t forget that primer, base, and clear coat, or that vinyl swag if you're going that route
Absolutely! We're working on some dope guides, both text and video styles. If they ain't up on the site or if our emails ghost you, hit us up. We gotchu.
It's all about the hustle. If you've been around the block, you can get our Alcantara shift boot on in a blink. Short shifter or a drag wing? Maybe 30 min, if you’re riding the wave right. But if you're going all out with a full kit? That's a full day’s work, easy.
Golden rule? Don’t skip steps, don’t rush and do it right the first time. If it's all done legit, no extra babying needed.
For sure! Our stuff is built tough, but hey, life happens. If things get rough, it's all good – a local body shop or a DIY can get your ride looking fresh again.

Product Development

We kick things off digitally. Take a wing, for example – we dive into 3D scanning, capturing every curve and edge of the ride. If it's a full kit, we scan the whole beast. Then, we reverse engineer it all in CAD software. Now comes the real-world magic – 3D printing. We craft a prototype, nurture it till it's perfect, and hit it with sanding, priming, and clear coat. Once it's a true masterpiece, we make the mold. And voilà – a masterpiece born from digital dreams.

Absolutely, our products undergo a rigorous quality dance. As soon as they arrive from our manufacturing haven, we give 'em a meticulous once-over. And before they embark on their journey to you, they receive another thorough inspection – just to ensure they're as sharp as they should be.
For sure, it's like our creative fuel. We're like the street artist taking cues from the crowd's reaction. Your feedback keeps us on the pulse of what's hot, what's not, and what's about to set the scene on fire. Together, we're co-pilots on this style journey.

Product-Specific Queries

Absolutely, but perhaps not in the way you might think. The satisfaction of turning heads and capturing attention as you drive, combined with the standout photos and videos from media after events, will amplify your love for your car. This might lead to a placebo effect where you feel the car performs better, or it could motivate you to further upgrade your ride, such as adding a turbo or even opting for a bigger turbo setup. As for aerodynamics, yes, there is a slight improvement in downforce. However, you'd need to reach significant speeds to truly notice its effects, making it not the primary reason for most enthusiasts to opt for our products.
Absolutely! While every product has its limits (if you really try, you can break the front lip for example), we genuinely believe our bodykits are built tougher than most. We pride ourselves on offering products that are a cut above the rest in terms of quality and durability. Particularly on hot, sunny days, our satin grp material stands out — it's virtually indestructible. You could repeatedly jump on an overfender, and it won't give in!
Our mantra? It's all about style. What's a build without that signature look, right? We craft our body kits with everyone in mind – from stance aficionados, street/grassroots drifters, to even the pros. It's a harmonious blend tailored just for you.
Absolutely! With our aero kits, expect to ride a tad closer to the asphalt. And as for our overfenders, they do more than just give that fierce look – they'll nudge you to lower your ride further since the arch's center is elevated.

Product Comparisons

We're not just tooting our own horn here – our quality is a cut above what the market generally offers at this price point. And don't even get us started on our customer service. We're about to go that extra mile for our customers!
Absolutely, we've got your back! Just hit us up, and we'll be right there to assist you. Your ride is about to level up – trust us, it's gonna look absolutely killer!
We get you – choices can be tough. But currently, we don't have a fancy 'compare' button that lines up all our products in a neat little row for your scrutiny. Our lineup is pretty specific, you see. But don't sweat it – if you're grappling with a decision, just give us a shout, and we'll be your co-pilot through the options.

Product Reviews

We're all about real talk and word-of-mouth goodness. If you're diving into the drift and stance scene, just hit that search button for cliqtuning on YouTube or Google, and you'll find reviews online. Or if you're feeling curious, give our Drivers page a browse or check out our Instagram feed.
Definitely! We love to hear your thoughts. Just hit us up – you can reply to your order confirmation email, use the contact form on our website, or slide into our Insta DMs. We collect these reviews and might even feature them on the website when we do a slick redesign. We're all about creating a clean, sophisticated shopping experience, and we value the power of your word-of-mouth recommendations.
While they're very rare, we take them seriously. Any negative feedback or product complaints are addressed promptly. If there's room for improvement, we're all ears, and we're quick to make things right.

Gifts and Gift Cards

Absolutely! We've got you covered with real, physical gift cards. It's easy - just drop us an email, and we'll whip up a unique link for you to get your hands on a personalized gift card. Whether you prefer a 3D printed masterpiece or a laser-cut wonder, we'll make it happen with a personalized touch. You get to choose between these two awesome options.

Easy peasy. We'll make it happen with a personalized touch. Send us an email, and we'll whip up a unique link just for you.
You bet! Not only do our gift cards look sharp, but they also come with a space for you to drop a personalized message. It's a little extra touch to make your gift extra special.

Company Information

Our roots might surprise you! While 80% of our awesome customers come from the US, we're actually based in Europe, right in the vibrant heart of Latvia - Riga, also known as #rigababy, home to some of the best European drift events.

We've been in the game since 2016, bringing style and performance to the automotive scene. Our journey's been fueled by a passion for innovation and a drive for perfection.
Absolutely, green is more than just a color for us. We're committed to pushing the pedal on eco-consciousness. From exploring sustainable materials to adopting planet-friendly processes, we're all in when it comes to driving a greener tomorrow.
Guess what? Our doors are open for some automotive aficionados who want to ride with us. If you've got that 3D flair, whether it's CAD or Blender, or if you're the wizard behind discord servers, we're on the lookout. Let's team up and put the pedal to the metal!