BMW E60 SHORT SHIFTER with adjustable length


Don’t want no mediocre, NO?

The real deal for BMW E60. Vital for perfect shifting.

This short shifter quickly became popular among drifters, racers and daily drivers.

We now offer 4 sizes – S, M, L and XL. The size difference is only from the plate and above (visible part of the short shifter). The adjustable bottom part remains the same.

Bottom max is 3.9″ / 9.9cm and minimum 2.2″ / 5.7cm.

The thread for the knob is M12x1.25.

Fits all BMW E30, E34, E36, E39, E46, E60, Z3 versions, created by 933 motorsport. Mounts from the cabin, easy installation. It can be installed on other cars as well, modifications may be required.

We ship worldwide with FedEx and DHL.
Custom CLIQ decals included with every order.