Don’t want no mediocre, NO?

This that next step to weight reduction!

With our doors you will be able to remove 72 lbs / 32.6 kg of weight + you will get another 10 lbs off from switching to plexiglass. That will definitely allow you to send it and finally leave the chase car in smoke. Increased power / weight ratio.

It’s possible to make them even lighter if you prefer, but we have found that this current setup is extremely durable!

With our doors you can re-use the oem hinges, exterior handles, and mirrors.

Weight: 11 lbs / 5.0 kg per door.

Made from highest quality GRP by one of our experienced professionals. Sold as a pair.

A roll-cage is required and these will not be sold for street cars.

We ship worldwide with FedEx and DHL.
Custom CLIQ decals included with every order.

Back order - will ship within 7 business days.