Don’t want no mediocre, NO?

The aero kit for e36 coupe is finally here!

Treat your baby right & let’s send it in style together!

Fit’s convertible as well! The front lip goes on M bumper, the rear on non-M.

Full front bumper option available as well.

Perfect fitment – stance approved, made from highest quality GRP by experienced professionals. Very flexible and durable!

White primer finish. Fitting kit is not included.

We also offer this kit for other e36’s and e30’s.

We now offer our parts with carbon kevlar hybrid material as well – additional strength and flex.
Please scroll down to understand what a 2 piece kit is and why we suggest it.
The variations below let you choose the material and one or two piece bumpers/lips. Please note that on all 4 options you have here – the side skirts will be 2 piece. 1 piece side skirts can be bought separately under this category. If you wish to buy them together with a full aero kit – please send us a message through our website.
We ship worldwide with FedEx! Please scroll down a bit to the latest news regarding shipping.
Custom CLIQ decals included with every order.

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