Man’s got skills! Meet the beast behind the wheel. While he’s lighting up tracks and painting perfect lines, off the track – Seb’s one cool cat. At his workshop, he builds race cars and when the grease is off his hands, you might find him dropping beats at a party.

This top G, with just 600 horses under the hood, still makes that fully cliqed out E36 sing, door-to-door all day long. Our bond goes beyond business – Seb’s our homie. 

Peep these videos to see how we tear it up together.


Riga Remembrances: Dual Rounds, Dual Drama

Riga Baby Driftmasters presented a unique challenge – two rounds in a single electrifying weekend. Preparing for a showdown with James Dean in Round 1, the team undertook a last-minute welding of the brake caliper bracket. However, in the crucial tire warm-up, the newly welded component failed. Bouncing back, Round 2 saw Sebastian confronting the daunting track with its infamous concrete barriers. Despite a slight mishap in the first corner, where tires ventured off track, Sebastian’s performance was unwavering. Although this minor slip-up gave his opponent the edge, the highlight of the episode is an insightful interview with Sebastian, encapsulating his reflections and aspirations.

Day 1

Day 2


Oman: Magic of Muscat

Amidst Oman’s vast dunes, the “Oman International Drift” resonated with an otherworldly aura. This event wasn’t just about races; it was about soaking in a surreal atmosphere. But as Sebastian confronted an unexpected driveshaft debacle, the narrative took another unexpected turn. Rising above the challenge, it was Clint Van Oort who captured the day’s glory – taking that top spot!